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Transit Investment Study

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In conjunction with the Rebuilding of I-93, The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT), through a cooperative agreement with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation (MA EOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA), has conducted a Transit Investment Study to identify what transit investments are needed and feasible to accommodate future travel demand within the I-93 corridor, and determine when and how those investments should be implemented.

NHDOT provided oversight to the study. A Stakeholder Committee composed of staff from the two partner states, the FHWA, the FTA, Rockingham Planning Commission, Southern NH Planning Commission, Nashua Regional Planning Commission, Northern Middlesex Council of Governments, Boston MPO, Merrimack Valley Regional Planning Commission, Merrimack Valley Regional Transportation Authority, Concord Trailways, Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD), Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other relevant local, state and federal agencies and transportation providers provided input to the study.

The study, which began in August 2006, lasted about two years, and included three phases. Phase 1 included the development of the Purpose and Needs statement, setting goals and objectives, identifying issues, developing and implementing a Public Involvement Plan, collecting and analyzing data, and developing the initial alternatives. Phase 2 included refining alternatives, developing draft recommendations, and developing the travel demand model and alternative analysis. Phase 3 involved developing and presenting a strategic plan.

Successful completion of the I-93 Transit Investment Study required the appropriate balance of three critical elements:

  • a multi-jurisdictional decision-making process;
  • sound technical analysis; and
  • an effective public/stakeholder involvement strategy.
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